I want to configure the statusbar in vim to show which row I'm on. I have it currently set as

statusline=%l/%L\ (%3p%%)

I want however to do something like the following

statusline=%3l/%3L\ (%3p%%)

The problem is that I don't know how big %L is going to be before hand. Can I somehow do

statusline=%{length of L}l/%L\ (%3p%%)

so that l is always printed with the same size as L?

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See :help statusline where you can find many forms of embedding expressions, including %!, %{, and %{%. In this case, I might use %{% with an expression that calculates the length of %L (via line('$')->len()) and returns the expression '%'.length_L.'l':

:set statusline=%{%'%'.(line('$')->len()).'l'%}/%L\ (%3p%%)

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