I am using UltiSnippets

let g:UltiSnipsExpandTrigger='<None>'
let g:UltiSnipsJumpForwardTrigger = '<tab>'
let g:UltiSnipsJumpBackwardTrigger = '<S-b>'
let g:coc_snippet_next = '<tab>'
let g:coc_snippet_prev = '<S-tab>'

And also nvim-coc

"select from menu by Tab
 inoremap <silent><expr> <TAB>
       \ pumvisible() ? "\<C-n>" :
     \ <SID>check_back_space() ? "\<TAB>" :
       \ coc#rpc#request('doKeymap', 'snippets-expand')

 function! s:check_back_space() abort
let col = col('.') - 1
   return !col || getline('.')[col - 1]  =~# '\s'

And with tab i can select a item from menu, but when i press Enter to expand snippet or lsp, popup disapear, and expand don't work.

enter image description here

How can i fix this behavior?

I really like to use tab for navigation throw menu items. And desactivated UltiSnippets tab expander for this.

Thanks in advance for answer.


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See :help popup-menu-keys assuming these plugins are using :help ins-completion-menu.

You could probably setup a conditional mapping like

:inoremap <expr> <cr> pumvisible() ? '<c-y>' : '<cr>'

and you could use <c-y><cr> instead of just <c-y> if you wanted the Enter press to accept and insert a newline.

  • Thanks it work like i want.
    – serii
    Commented May 16, 2022 at 16:42
  • @serii Generally we use upvotes or accepted answers for that indicator (see the help center sections on the relevant topics)
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Commented May 16, 2022 at 17:12

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