I'm trying to write a function to write the contents of the current paragraph the cursor is on to a temp file. In normal more vip:w!temp.txt<cr> works fine, but placing normal! vip:w!unidecode.txt<cr> within a function doesn't seem to.

Any ideas on a clean way to do this?

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The "clean" way is to avoid normal if possible. So simply

'{,'}write foobar
  • Thank's so much. This is exactly it. Much appreciated!
    – toomey8
    Commented May 7, 2022 at 15:43

Just to give the alternative:

:normal! vip:write file

Should work (there should be an implicit finish for the : I believe). If not, alternatives are

:execute "normal! vip:write file\<cr>"


:normal! vip
:'<,'>write file

You can see why avoiding normal mode commands in Ex is simpler :)

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