As title. Is it possible to simulate an Enter(i.e. <CR>) in command-mode, i.e. after pressing :?

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    what do you mean, execute <cr> in command-mode? I do not follow Apr 26 at 6:19
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    Maybe you're looking for :help c_CTRL-V in the cmdline.txt section.
    – mattb
    Apr 26 at 6:46
  • @ChristianBrabandt: I want to use command to simulate pressing the Enter key.
    – Kindred
    Apr 26 at 7:11
  • As running command already involves enter key, it is strange. maybe you want :h feedkeys..
    – eyal karni
    Apr 26 at 19:32

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As @mattb was saying in comments you need to check :h c_CTRL-V and you'll also need :h :normal.

The basic you'll need to use is:

:normal! ^M

Note that ^M is not two literal characters, you have to input it by using ctrl+v followed by Enter.

The ! after normal is to use the default <CR> key, it's important if you (or the users of your plugin) remapped <CR> to do other things.

Edit: Cf. Ben's comment: If you want to avoid special characters requiring ctrl+v you can use :h :execute to build you command and escape the special chars:

:execute "normal! \<cr>"

If you are running that "manually" from the command line I think the first option is easier but in a script it's better to use the more verbose form.

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    To avoid "special characters" like from C-v CR: :execute "normal! \<cr>"
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Apr 26 at 13:44
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    Right thank you Ben! I wanted to add that in my answer but somehow I forgot about the `` and decided to go the other way... I'm not doing as much vimscript as I used to, I losing the right reflexes :D
    – statox
    Apr 26 at 14:20

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