I'm trying to use a leader mapping in another mapping. But nothing happens when I attempt to use the second mapping. I'm quite sure I've done this before. What's going wrong?

This mapping finds the next sentence, roughly speaking, as expected:

:noremap <leader>se /\v>[.;:?!](\s<bar>$)<CR>  

I want to use that mapping in another, but nothing happens - as in, for example:

noremap <leader>sb \se

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You're using the noremap command, which doesn't expand mappings on the expansion, so it won't recognize the \se which is a mapping itself.

See :help :nore, which says:

Map the key sequence {lhs} to {rhs} for the modes where the map command applies. Disallow mapping of {rhs}, to avoid nested and recursive mappings. Often used to redefine a command.

In your case, you want the regular version of the :map command, to be able to recognize mappings in the replacement. So you can fix this with:

:map <leader>sb \se

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