I use some statusline plugin, which source theme files from <the-autoload-directory>/lightline/colorscheme/*.vim.

Many color plugins also provide themes for that statusline. Switching the theme requires just one argument, the theme name, which is same as its file name. So I would like to get the list of available themes, i.e. list of files at that path. Putting the list at current cursor position would be good enough.

Closest command is :runtime lightline/or/smth/*.vim which would execute files rather than list them.

For the plain colorschemes the list is generated on :colo <tab> , though I don't know how it does its job..

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:h glob()

And for your case it might be:

:echo glob("~/.vim/**/lightline/**/*.vim")
  • thanx, it did the job Mar 25, 2022 at 11:52

I'd use globpath() instead of glob() as you seems to be interested in all autoload directories.

echo globpath(&rtp, 'autoload/**/lightline/**/*.vim')

Internally, Vim also uses the 'runtimepath' to search for files with all these commands.

Note: if you want to do something programmatically with it, set {list} parameter to 1 in order to obtain a List

echo globpath(&rtp, 'autoload/**/lightline/**/*.vim', 0, 1)

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