I'd like to set c++ header file path automatically from .vimrc. So I tried to write .vimrc file as shown below:

let g:gcpp_headers_path=system("g++ --version | grep g++ | awk '{print \"/usr/include/c++/\"$NF}'")

"if isdirectory(gcpp_headers_path)
  set path+=g:gcpp_headers_path

from the vimrc above I found the vim variable path set as shown below:

:set path?

The wanted output is as shown below:

:set path?

I'd like to get this reviewed. Could someone advise me?

F.Y.I. The command in system() is shown below:

~$ g++ --version | grep g++ | awk '{print "/usr/include/c++/"$NF}'

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Here is the full implementation taken from my own config. Basically, run preprocessor, parse the output and cache the result. Then set path by ftplugin as needed.


" misc#gcc_include([{gcc} [, {force} [, {ft}]]])
" get GCC include dirs
function! misc#gcc_include(gcc = b:current_compiler, force = v:false, ft = &ft) abort
    let l:var = printf('%s_include_%s', fnamemodify(a:gcc, ':t:gs?[-.]?_?'), a:ft)
    if a:force || !has_key(s:, l:var)
        " $INCLUDE
        let s:[l:var] = split($INCLUDE, has('win32') ? ';' : ':')
        " builtin dirs
        let l:cmd = printf('%s -x%s -v -E -', a:gcc, a:ft is# 'cpp' ? 'c++' : a:ft)
        silent let l:include = map(systemlist(l:cmd, []), 'trim(v:val)')
        let l:ix1 = match(l:include, '#include <\.\.\.>') + 1
        let l:ix2 = match(l:include, '\.$', l:ix1) - 1
        if l:ix1 <= l:ix2
            let s:[l:var] += map(l:include[l:ix1 : l:ix2], 'simplify(v:val)')
    return copy(s:[l:var])


compiler gcc
let &l:path = misc#gcc_include()->insert('.')->add(',')->join(',')
  • Thank you for the answer, it's not that easy to understand though..
    – Jumogehn
    Commented Feb 27, 2022 at 8:09
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    @Jumogehn Actually, this is more or less the same thing that LucHermitte had already explained. But this is complete and working implementation. See also stackoverflow.com/questions/4980819/…
    – Matt
    Commented Feb 27, 2022 at 8:31

I remember system() cannot be used from .vimrc because 'shellredir' isn't set yet (see :h starting). This is odd you're able to make it work.

Because of that issue I had to ask for compiler system includes on VimEnter event -- in order to configure coc+ccls.

BTW I obtain the exact list of system includes with g++ -E -xc++ - -Wp,-v < /dev/null. The version number obtained through --version doesn't necessarily match the include directory, while this command give me the correct pathnames. For instance, my 7.5.0 g++ uses /usr/include/c++/7 and not 7.5.0. Same issue with g++-8, 11, and so on.

IOW, IMO you'll want something like (untested code)

augroup SetSystemPaths
  au VimEnter * exe set path+=systemlist('g++ -E -xc++ - -Wp,v </dev/null')->filter({_,v -> =~ '^ '})->map({_,v -> substitute(v, '^ *', '', '')})->join(',')
augroup END

You may not want to keep every path. You can select them thanks to filter()

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    Thank you for the answer! But the filter() function is remained in a question. I select my own answer because it works. I wonder if there is any security issue with my answer. Anyway thank you for the answer!
    – Jumogehn
    Commented Feb 27, 2022 at 2:19

This works!

let g:gcpp_headers_path = system("g++ --version | grep g++ | awk '{print \"/usr/include/c++/\"$NF}'")

execute 'set path+=' . g:gcpp_headers_path

This answer was given from stackoverflow user romainl

References: here there

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