I use UltiSnips to manage my snippets and I have a few snippets in typescriptreact but I'm not able to use them in typescript.

Is there a way to share snippets between them?

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There are a couple of ways to share snippets:

  1. Using a dotted filetype
  2. Using extends

For the first method, set the dotted filetype with

:set ft=typescriptreact.typescript

and you can use both typescriptreact and typescript snippets for the current buffer. (See the end of the section :h UltiSnips-how-snippets-are-loaded for details)

The second method allows the use of both snippets for all files of a certain filetype (not just for a certain buffer). To use typescriptreact snippets in a typescript file, add the line

extends typescriptreact

to the typescript snippets file. Now, when UltiSnips activates snippets for a typescript file, it looks for all typescripteact snippets and activates them as well. (See the top of :h UltiSnips-basic-syntax for details)

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