I wanted lightspeed-like features in Vim (without having to install Neovim).

I installed vim-sneak and followed the directions to enable "label-mode":

let g:sneak#label = 1

But when invoking sneak, labels don't show up and I still have to use ; and , to move between matches.

Why isn't vim-sneak's label-mode working, even though I enabled it according to the directions?

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I figured out the answer.

In the sneak documentation it says:

g:sneak#label = 0

    0: Disable |sneak-label-mode|.

    1: Enable |sneak-label-mode| if the Vim |+conceal| feature is available.

I'm on macOS and was using Apple's default Vim version. Apple's default Vim isn't complied with the +conceal feature. I used vim --version to confirm this.

Guided by that SO thread, I installed vim from homebrew:

brew install vim

After a restart of the shell, vim --version now showed the +conceal feature.

And sneak's label-mode works!


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