When editing a script in vim, I can run it with :! bash % or :! python % for python scripts. When running the script, vim kinda goes back to the terminal, runs there, and then, after "ENTER" it goes back to the Vim window.

I would like to have it open a small window, that I can jump to and from, for execution. Something like:

  1. split window (let's say 1/3 height)
  2. run the script there

Is it possible? (splitting the window is easy, but running the script in said window - not that easy)

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This is what the :terminal command is for:

:terminal bash %
:terminal python %
  • Wow. Simpler than I thought. Thx! I think I'm going to map this to something like CTRL+e[xecute] and CTRL+SHIFT+e[xecute] Feb 9 at 7:08

One way to have this kind of behaviour is to use tmux to split the terminal into 2 (or more) panes. Then run vim in one of them, and python (or whatever) in another and use a plugin such as vim-slime to send code from vim to the other tmux pane:

enter image description here

  • Thought of tmux, but wasn't aware of vim-slime. Thanks. Will check it out! Feb 3 at 8:47

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