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I start to think that the problem is not due to Vim in the first place. See this.

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I think I've almost tracked it down. The issue seems to be due to either command-t or vim-gitgutter. I suspect it's most likely the latter, so I've reported there.

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Basically, if I send Vim to background via Ctrl-Z, then when I hit fgEnter Vim goes to foreground-and-quickly-back-to-background; if I again press fgEnter, then it successfully goes to forground. And the issue repeats over and over, as you can see in the following GIF:

enter image description here

It first happened today, and I've not been playing around with .vimrc, nor with .bashrc, nor other configuration files in general.

Honestly, as far as I know, it could be a Vim thing or a Bash thing.

Plus, I can't give further details for the simple reason that when I open a new session of Vim the problem is absent initally, then it occurs later, but I haven't understood yet what triggers it.

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The behavior I observed is not due to any of those plugin, but to a bug in Vim. Maybe using those plugins makes triggering the bug more likely because they alter the layout of the window.

I was made aware of it from this question on Unix.StackExchange.

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