I put this:

noremap [ {
noremap ] }

in my .vimrc. However, since there are other keybindings starting with [ and ], vim waits for the next keybinding before executing my desired command.

After reviewing this article, I attempted to apply the solution for [ and ], but failed. The code was written for the g prefix, and I was unsuccessful in modifying it for [ and ].

How can I remove all keybindings starting with [ and ] in vim so I can avoid the delay when using my own bindings for [ and ]?

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One simple way to achieve this is to make a buffer-local nowait mapping.

autocmd FileType * nnoremap <nowait><buffer> [ {
autocmd FileType * nnoremap <nowait><buffer> ] }

Another option is to use langmap:

set langmap=[{,]}

You can use the associated option langremap to adjust whether [ and ] inside mappings will have the usual or new actions.

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