I want to use https://github.com/stephpy/vim-php-cs-fixer plugin. I have installed both php-cs-fixer in my path and also the plugin itself via Vundle.

Documentation says Default mapping is <leader>pcd - and I dont understand how to use it.

Google said that leader is backslash (I havent overridden this in .vimrc). So on my keyboard I directly typed "\pcd". When I type "\" nothing happens, but when I type "p" then vim inserts a piece of text I yanked a minute ago. And this is not what I want to happen..

So what exactly am I supposed to type?

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You are supposed to press \pcd in rapid succession because Vim waits a bit (default is 1 second) to decide what exactly you are trying to do.

See :help mapleader.

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    You can also make Vim wait forever for \pcd, by setting notimeout. However, this has other (generally unwanted) consequences. See :help timeout and :help timeoutlen for increased confusion. ;)
    – lcd047
    Jun 21, 2015 at 5:33

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