I'd like to edit the same file at two different locations, let's say at the beginning and at the end of the file.

Splits (:sp) are a natural way to do this.

I have two monitors available and it sure would be convenient to have each split on a different monitor.

For example, is there a way to break out a split into its own window so I can move the window to the other monitor with my window manager (Sway)?

I'm looking for a solution that preferably doesn't rely on plugins, like vim-multiple-monitors.

I'm using Neovim 0.6.1.

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You have an OS window and you have a vim window. A normal instance of vim can't live in 2 different OS windows. However, two clients attached to the same server can live in different OS windows.

So... start vim as a server: :help --servername. And then open 2 OS windows up, and attach them to this server as a client. Maybe this will work for you. You'll need to do some reading. When you figure it out, please answer this question with what you did!

Additional info...

A non GUI Vim with access to the X11 display (|xterm-clipboard| enabled), can
also act as a command server if a server name is explicitly given with the
--servername argument, or when Vim was built with the |+autoservername|

I skimmed https://ajayfromiiit.wordpress.com/2009/10/21/server-and-client-mode-in-vim/ but did not test it out myself as it was a lot of text...

  • Thanks for the info. Using --servername is not possible in Neovim currently since it doesn't implement +clientserver. See also this. Jan 8 at 9:12

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