I have read map.txt in vim doc and tried to create my Ex command. But the doc is quite hard to understand.

I wanna write a command to call 2 command is PlugInstall and CocInstall.

command! MyCommand :PlugInstall<Cr>:CocInstall<Cr>

But it didn't work. Any different document to help me write user-defined command easier? Thank you.

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It looks like you are trying to use :command like :map to map a series of keys. But they are different. In a user-defined command, you don't need : to enter into command-line mode and you don't need <CR> to execute the command and you need to use | to separate the commands. You can try using the following:

command! MyCommand PlugInstall | CocInstall

You can refer to :help 40.2 in the user-manual for information about creating new commands.

  • Can you give me another reference for this ( videos, maybe)? I've tried to understand official doc but it's quite hard for newbie like me.
    – Pham Hung
    Commented Jan 3, 2022 at 4:29

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