I'm separating the functions from main.c to func1.c func2.c, then I'm using util.h to store the prototype (all name of all functions).


when I try to go to implementation, lsp leading me into util.c, but i want to leading to func1.c


#include "util.h"

int main(){
  int x = fun||c1(); // here || is cursure location !
  int y = funct2();


#define TRUE 1
#define FALSE 0
int func1();
int func2();


int  func1(){


all: main

main: func1.o func2.o ... main.o
    gcc func1.o func2.o ... main.o -o main

func1.o: func1.c util.h
    gcc func1.c

func2.o: func2.c util.h
    gcc func2.c

my env:

i use:

  • neovim as ide
  • lspconfig plugin handle lsp
  • ccls/clangd is tow lsp for c/cpp
  • :lua vim.lsp.buf.implementation() go to implementation but lead me to util.h
  • :lua vim.lsp.buf.definition() go to definition but lead me to util.h too

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