Apologies I am probably expressing myself very badly, that's also why 1 hour searching hasn't yielded the result I wanted yet...

Assume I want to replace true with false in a buffer.


Now, this is such a common word that I don't want to just change globally :%s/true/false/g. I want to move the cursor (or search for the word), and every time I want to actually change, repeat the substitution.

So I can do then :<up arrow to show again the substitution command><CR>

If I'd like to map this to a keyboard shortcut:

map <C-Y> :<WHAT TO PUT HERE?><CR> ?

I tried map <C-Y> :@<CR> but that doesn't seem to be doing what I want.

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No mapping necessary!

Vim has the & command which just repeats the last substitution. The same way as . repeats the last command, I can move to the next true and simply hit & which will apply again the last substitution. Neat and simple.

I found out by googling “vi repeat last substitution” which yielded this SO post as the first result.

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