Given that I have string AABBAABBAA. I cannot find two AABBAA with the / that vim provides. Is there any option to enable this behaviour or I need a script/plugin?

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This is possible if you unset flag c in setting 'cpoptions' (alias 'cpo'). Absence of that flag is described thusly:

When not present searching continues one character from the cursor position. With 'c' "abababababab" only gets three matches when repeating "/abab", without 'c' there are five matches.

Now the simple pattern...


...will match both occurrences in the double quotes.

A more comprehensive illustration...

" Save current value
:let oldcpo=&cpo
" Unset 'c'
:set cpo-=c
" Search as needed
" Restore previous value
:let &cpo=oldcpo

(This makes no assumptions about whether c is set to begin with, thus the save/restore of oldcpo as well as the unsetting of c.)

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    This solves my question, thank you! And I just find the neovim way to remove this option with vim.opt.cpo:remove({'c'}).
    – job_start
    Dec 18, 2021 at 15:23

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