For example, for a line


with the command


vim will only replace the first occurrence, namely the first 'X' to 'Y', is there a way to let vim go through all the 'X' and replace it while asking for confirmation for each replacement?

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    thx, I just referred to vimregex.com and only interpret the meaning of 'c' literally as 'Confirm Each substitution', now I know what does 'Each' really mean :) Dec 17, 2021 at 22:31

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By default Vim replaces only first occurrence. You should add g to you substitution: :s/X/Y/cg.

Vim will then let you change each X one by one (confirming with y) or all at once (confirming with a).


I cannot add comment to previous answer, so I decided to post my own.

As it's already been mentioned, you should use 'g' flag to replace all occurrences. But for :s/X/Y/cg it will still replace only in current line. Reference from :help :s

4.2 Substitute                      *:substitute*
                            *:s* *:su*
:[range]s[ubstitute]/{pattern}/{string}/[flags] [count]

            When [range] and [count] are omitted, replace in the
            current line only.


You can specify range after colon symbol, like % (:%s/X/Y/cg), to replace in the whole file. Or you can specify range from current line to document's end by .,$ (:.,$s/X/Y/cg). More about ranges you can see in :help :range:

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