I have a file with the character (lowercase a + combining tilde). Encoding and fileencoding are both utf-8. ga shows

<a> 97, hex 61, octal 141 <~> 771, Hex 0303, Octal 1403

(but with the actual combining tilde in the <>) and g8 shows

61 + cc 83

Searching with /a\%u0303 works fine.

Searching for just \%u0303 gives E486 Pattern not Found.

Can I search for just the combining character without also searching for the base character?


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Type in normal mode /<ctr-v>u0303
/ - start search
<Ctr-v>u - init utf-8 code input
0303 - hex code combine character.

:he unicode

Also :he mbyte-combining and :he utf-8-char-arg the last one covered case with commands like f, F and so on.

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    Interestingly, this only works if the character is combined with something. If a file or line begins with the 0303 character, it won't be found by this method.
    – Bladt
    Commented Nov 21, 2020 at 13:28

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