If I have a file with a lot of comments in it and I want to delete all of the comments from say, line 3 to the end of the file, what's the best way to do it?

I'm stuck, since what I first tried doesn't seem to do quite what I want:


Instead of looking for the pattern and deleting lines with it in the range from 3 to the end of the file it deletes all of the lines from 3 to through a line that matches the pattern, and then stops.

So how do I apply an ex command to a range of lines. In this case it's to to the end of a file, but would it be different if I were to do it to a mark, or between lines 10 and 20 or other ranges?

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Use the :global command for that:


You can apply it to lines not matching a pattern:


You can use the full range mechanism with it (see :help :range):


And you can use it with any command:


It's one of the most powerful commands in Vim, please see :help :global for details.

  • You could also use :3,$v/foo/d for lines that do not match a pattern. :h vglobal Jun 9, 2015 at 19:32

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