If I have something stored in the named register n, then from the normal mode hitting


would search for what is stored inside the register.

But suppose I want to write a function which searches for what is stored in the n register. What do I do?

I tried

function! SearchTheDataInnReg()

I get an error message:

E488: Trailing characters: <09><C-R>l

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From function you can access to named registers via @. For explanation :he let-@ and similars topics. For search pattern call search() function.

Your code may look like this. In this example we search pattern in l register.

func! SearchTheDataInnReg()
    call search(@l)
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    You can use execute '/' . @l if you want exactly the same behaviour as typing /<C-r>l. search() behaves subtly different on some points (which may be considered desirable or undesirable depending on what you're doing). Commented Jun 6, 2015 at 13:01

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