I don't want to do this manually, and I'm sure there is a way for vim to do it. I probably am not googling the correct question to find the result I want, but here is what I want to do. I have this block of code:

    // Move the topSideLeft point to the topLeft corner
    topSideLeft->left = new MapChunk;
    topSideLeft->left->right = topSideLeft;
    topSideLeft->left->bottom = topSideLeft->bottom->left;
    topSideLeft->bottom->left->top = topSideLeft->left;
    // Move the topSideRight point to the topRight corner
    topSideRight->right = new MapChunk;
    topSideRight->right->left = topSideRight;
    topSideRight->right->bottom = topSideRight->bottom->right;
    topSideRight->bottom->right = topSideRight->right;

What I want to do is have all the text that says bottom be top, and all the text that says top be bottom.


    // Move the bottomSideLeft point to the bottomLeft corner
    bottomSideLeft->left = new MapChunk;
    bottomSideLeft->left->right = bottomSideLeft;
    bottomSideLeft->left->top = bottomSideLeft->top->left;
    bottomSideLeft->top->left->bottom = topSideLeft->left;
    // Move the bottomSideRight point to the bottomRight corner
    bottomSideRight->right = new MapChunk;
    bottomSideRight->right->left = topSideRight;
    bottomSideRight->right->top = bottomSideRight->top->right;
    bottomSideRight->top->right = bottomSideRight->right;

It would be something like: s/top/bottom/g & s/bottom/top/g, but like at the same time so it replaces it with each other rather than just replacing either top or bottom.


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Duplicate of Can I replace two distinct old strings with two distinct new strings using a single :s command?

Sometimes people ask questions in such different ways that it makes it near impossible for the search engine to figure out the correct stack overflow link to send you to.


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