I'm trying to create a "snipMate" snippet which I've copied an example from https://github.com/honza/vim-snippets/blob/master/snippets/haskell.snippets

For example adding:

snippet main
    main :: IO ()
    main = ${0:undefined}

To the file/buffer opened via :UltiSnipsEdit (~/.vim/UltiSnips/haskell.snippets).

However the above errors with:

UltiSnips Error:

Missing 'endsnippet' for 'main' in ~/.vim/UltiSnips/haskell.snippets:3

I assume it's a different syntax for ultisnip / snipmate. However where do I place/configure the snipmate snippets?

I couldn't find sufficient info in :help UltiSnips searching for snipMate.

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They should instead go to ~/.vim/snippets/ so in the above example ~/.vim/snippets/haskell.snippets.

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