I have a location list populated with around 50 lines, and I would like to remove some of these. Is there a way?

Specifically, I searched for references of a Java method and the LSP (using coc-java) filled the references, but most are to test classes, which do not interest me at the moment.

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Recent vim version has a builtin package cfilter for this.

:packadd cfilter
:Lfilter! /pattern-to-delete/

This will remove all lines in location list (or Quickfix list if CFilter is used) that matches the pattern

See :help CFilter


There's no builtin command, so you need to do a bit of scripting. Sort of this

:call getloclist(0)->filter('v:val.text !~? "test"')->setloclist(0)

Alternatively, you may want to search through github for relevant plugins, e.g. github.com/search topic:vim topic:quickfix or github.com/search topic:vim topic:quickfix-window and so on.


Is the loclist coming from the result of running :make ? If so, then you can add to the errorformat setting using %-G<pattern> to ignore all error lines matching <pattern>.

The errorformat setting may be a result of your filetype and the :compile <compiler> command. There is a compiler file $VIMRUNTIME/compiler/javac.vim which you might be using. That file sets errorformat like this:

CompilerSet errorformat=%E%f:%l:\ %m,%-Z%p^,%-C%.%#,%-G%.%#

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