I use Cygwin's X-windows. For Gvim (not Vim) I've gotten warnings similar to the following for years:

** (gvim:432): WARNING **: Error retrieving accessibility bus address:
org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message recipient disconnected
from message bus without replying

The actual shown number varies as I repeatedly invoke Gvim.

After years, I finally found an work-around that avoids this. I thought it would help others, so I'm posting the answer.

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I found the answer starting here and ending here:

export NO_AT_BRIDGE=1

The latter linked page refers to this as a hack. Since it seems to be a Gnome thing, and I don't use Gnome on the system where I get this error, I am willing to accept whatever deep dark problems that it covers up.

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