Nvim info

NVIM v0.5.1

Build type: Release

LuaJIT 2.1.0-beta3

Also using nvim-lspconfig, and tsserver

Filesystem dir structure

        |--/* Implementation somewhere here */
        |-- /* Used somewhere here */    

I want to jump to the implementation in project-A, whereas it is used in project-B.


I am able to jump to other implementations within project-B, so my lsp client is functioning correctly.

To achieve the desired goto implementation, I added in workspace /absolute-path-to/project-A using the command lua vim.lsp.buf.add_workspace_folder(), and then tried jumping to the implementation again but this did not work.

Output of ex command lua print(vim.inspect(vim.lsp.buf.list_workspace_folders())):

{ "/absolute-path-to/project-A", "/absolute-path-to/project-B", "/absolute-path-to/project-A", "/absolute-path-to/project-B" }

For some reason paths repeat in the above output.


Is there a way I can configure nvim LSP client so that a jump to implementation from project-B to project-A is possible?

  • do you try to use bear -- make to generate compile_commands.json?
    – nextloop
    Dec 26 '21 at 21:12
  • i think you can add project-A by :lua vim.lsp.buf.add_workspace_folder()
    – nextloop
    Dec 26 '21 at 21:14

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