In VSCode, GitLens allows you to hover over a line and get a link to the PR containing the most recent change for that line. Basically with a single click you can open up the PR which often contains valuable information that you wouldn't get by just checking the diff using the commit SHA.

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Is there a way to get a similar issue linking set up in vim? I've looked at git plugins like fugitive or coc-git and while those support git blame in some form, neither of them seem to offer a feature to easily open up issues on GitHub.

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You might want fugitive's :Git blame combined with tpope/vim-rhubarb. Doing so will let :GBrowse work with GitHub-based remotes, so that you can quickly open those PRs.

Another option might be something like the gh pr view command (which has from --web to open a browser) from https://github.com/cli/cli or the equivalent from hub. You could certainly build mappings, e.g.,

nnoremap <localleader>pr :execute '!gh pr view --web' <cword><CR><CR>

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