I write a lot of Vim plugins. When I make an edit to a plugin's .vim file, I'll often just quit Vim and restart it to test it.

In some cases, I would like to avoid quitting and restarting Vim. I know I could :source ... the specific .vim file in my plugin that I've edited, but I'd be happy to know if there's a way to re-source all the startup files without quitting and restarting Vim.

I realize that some .vim files are written to exit early if they're sourced a second time, but that's okay for this purpose.


Well, if you insist… execute('scriptnames')->split("\n")->map({_, v -> split(v, ': ')[1]}) gives you all the scripts. You can then map(scripts, {_, v -> execute('source '.v)}). But this seems odd.

You could also :runtime plugin/*.vim plugin/**/*.vim if it's just plugins you're interested.

Then there's :Runtime from tpope's scriptease plugin, which is great for the case you described about :sourceing a file.

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    I'll start using the :Runtime command. It does correct tab-autocompletion at the command line too! I've been using :Scriptnames and :PP from that plugin for a while, but did appreciate :Runtime until now. Oct 22 '21 at 13:31

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