Having a command:

command! -nargs=+ Foo call s:my_fun(<f-args>)

How can I get a glob-match when user say: Foo *met*.c ?

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First get a list of all buffer names with getbufinfo(), here filtering out non listed:

let buf_list = getbufinfo({'buflisted': 1})

Second use map() to get the names:

let buf_list = map(buf_list, 'v:val.name')

Third filter out names using glob2regpat(), here variable pattern being for-example *.c:

let buf_list = filter(buf_list, 'v:val =~# glob2regpat(pattern)')

If one want buffer-numbers one can further do:

let buf_list = map(buf_list, 'bufnr(v:val)')


filter(map(getbufinfo({'buflisted': 1}), 'v:val.name'), 'v:val =~ glob2regpat("*.c")')


getbufinfo()   " v7.4.2204
map()          " v7.0001
filter()       " v7.0001
glob2regpat()  " v7.4.673

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