Hello I like vim but their seems to be a limited macro system from what I understand. The documentation I have says to specify a letter to define the macro. Does this mean that I a restricted to the letters In the alphabet for macros?

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    can you give an example? the macro name must be from a-z but the contents are unrestricted by alphabet
    – Mass
    Sep 26 '21 at 22:58
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    Also, mappings are less restricted in name if you need more
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Sep 27 '21 at 11:20

That's correct, macro names are limited to a-z. Macros are stored in the named registers a-z, so a macro might be overwritten if you yank to a register a-z that currently holds a macro.

If you are hitting the limits of what can easily done by a macro, then other options are:

  • custom mappings (:help :map)
  • calling custom Vimscript functions (:help :function)
  • new commands (:help :command)

My experience is that writing a function offers much more flexibility and power than a macro. Once your function is nice, then you can define a mapping or command to call the function.

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