Is there a way to effectively combine :w and :e commands so that the current file is saved and a new one is opened for editing in one go? And to do so in a way that allows tab completion of path and filename on the command line?

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You can use command to add new commands. These have to start with a capital letter.

Something like this should do what you want:

command! -nargs=1 -complete=file WE write | edit <args>

You can then do:

:WE new-file
  • -nargs=1 - accept one argument
  • -complete=file - do file completion
  • WE - the command name
  • write | edit <args> - first call :w, and then :e with the argument we gave it.

Note that there's also the autowrite option:

Write the contents of the file, if it has been modified, on each :next, :rewind, :last, :first, :previous, :stop, :suspend, :tag, :!, :make, CTRL-] and CTRL-^ command; and when a :buffer, CTRL-O, CTRL-I, '{A-Z0-9}, or `{A-Z0-9} command takes one to another file.

and the autowriteall option:

Like 'autowrite', but also used for commands :edit, :enew, :quit, :qall, :exit, :xit, :recover and closing the Vim window. Setting this option also implies that Vim behaves like 'autowrite' has been set.


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