Normally I want to use autochdir to

change to the directory containing the file which was opened or selected

However, in netrw, there's a warning

However, the autochdir option:

:set acd

is problematic. Autochdir sets the current directory to that containing the file you edit; this apparently also applies to directories. In other words, autochdir sets the current directory to that containing the "file" (even if that "file" is itself a directory).

I want to make the current directory to be the directory contain the file (for files), or the browsing directory (for directories). How can I do that?

Currently I use

set autochdir
let g:netrw_keepdir = 0
autocmd BufEnter * if isdirectory(expand("%")) | set noautochdir | else | set autochdir | end

Is there any possible problem with that approach, or is there a better one?


How to set the current working directory in vim doesn't mention this.

How do I enable mouse in netrw only (terminal vim)? uses a nested autocommand; maybe the same trick will help here?

There's also a page on the tips wiki about the current directory that might help.



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