By using the following code...


I can open a terminal with a certain command. What I want to do is run a Lua function from a plugin upon exiting the terminal.

Pseudo Code:

vim.fn.termopen("foo", run "lua require('my-plugin').someFunction()" upon exiting)

Is this possible?


After a bit of research, I found that there are two autocommands I can use that suit my needs

au TermClose * lua require('my-plugin').someFunction()


au TermLeave * lua require('my-plugin').someFunction()

The first one works better for me because I only want to run my function once the terminal is killed/closed. The second one is for if you want to run a function once the user switches from the terminal to something else.


In regular vim, the API would be term_start() with the exit_cb option set:

function Exit(job, exit_status) abort
  echom 'goodbye world'
call term_start('echo hello world', #{exit_cb: 'Exit'})

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