I want to reclaim CTRL-W for closing my terminal tab to get the same behaviour as in Firefox and other programs. Is there a command I can run to avoid having to press CTRL-W to navigate windows in vim or neovim ?


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In :h windows.txt you can find the following :

Note: All CTRL-W commands can also be executed with :wincmd, for those          
places where a Normal mode command can't be used or is inconvenient. 


                                                :winc :wincmd                   
These commands can also be executed with ":wincmd":                             
:[count]winc[md] {arg}                                                          
                Like executing CTRL-W [count] {arg}.  Example:                  
                        :wincmd j                                               
                Moves to the window below the current one.                      
                This command is useful when a Normal mode cannot be used (for   
                the CursorHold autocommand event).  Or when a Normal mode       
                command is inconvenient.                                        
                The count can also be a window number.  Example:                
                        :exe nr . "wincmd w"                                    
                This goes to window "nr".             
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