I am currently using Coc, together with a few extensions, including coc-java and coc-snippets. However I found that some of the options I see in the pop-up-menu(PUM for short). do not work as expected. From my experience, it seems that the options with the [LS] tag do not erase the keyword I typed to invoke the PUM, and just paste the snippet. This makes my have to erase the keyword by myself, defeating the purpose of autocompletion.

For example, when I try to call a simple if statement, a lot of options are displayed in the PUM, as shown below. enter image description here

If I select the second option at the picture below which reads S [LS] at the right side and trigger completion using <CR>, I get

ifif (condition) {

which is useless as I have to erase the first i and f. Other snippets with the [LS] have a similar issue.

  1. How I should interprete the things at the right side of the PUM, such as k [LS] at the first option in the image?
  2. How can I get the [LS] tagged options to behave correctly?
  3. Is it possible make the [LS] tagged options to not appear at PUM at all since I am fine with [S] tagged ones anyways?

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