I'm trying to make my life easier by making a shortcut for the following command

:Ex /path/to/directory

I need to to be able to press :akeyword and execute the command above.

The directory needs to be specified with a variable. I want to access a folder under C:\Users\windowsusername\randomfolder; my problem is that the username varies between my computers. So I need $USERNAME to be used and not some fixed name.

I guess I must add something like the following, which doesn't work.

:command! :akeyword :Ex "C:\Users\" . $USERNAME "\randomfolder"

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User commands must start with an uppercase character, so you could do something like this:

:command Akeyword execute 'Ex C:\Users' . $USERNAME . '\randomfolder'

The key here is to use :execute, which executes the result of an expression as a command.

However, you can shorten this to:

:command Akeyword Ex $HOME\randomfolder

Since Vim sets the $HOME variable on Windows, and the Ex command appears to expand the $HOME variable without needing to wrap it in an :execute expression.

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