I would like to make a new tab page from part of the current text. I would use visual selection, or other means to specify a text range.
Is there a single command like "New tab from selection"?

Writing this, I see the command is not exactly of vim style.

In that case, a small script may solve it.

Possibly there is a related plugin containing it?
Here, one could reasonably hope for useful related features like creating a new file with derived name.

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    Simple way is map key to three command in row <,>y - for yank visual range tabnew - for creating new tab p - for paste yanked text in first step
    – Alex Kroll
    May 28, 2015 at 13:42

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If you intend to persist the selected lines under a new filename (and it's complete lines), you can do:

:'<,'>w new-name | '<,'>delete _ | tabedit #

The '<,'> range is inserted automatically when you enter command-line mode from visual mode. :write can take a range, and afterwards, the filename is accessible via the alternate file (#) shortcut.


If you just need a scratch buffer that is not written to disk, you have to delete and put:

d:tabedit +set\ buftype=nofile new-name | put!

If you use this frequently, I would write a custom command (that also saves and restores the original register contents) for it.

If you want cloning, not moving, drop the :delete / change d into y.

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