I want to select some lines in visual mode, and enter a custom command :Ex<CR> so that:

'<,'>!expand -t4

is run to expand all tabs in selected range. How to define the Ex command?

I have tried things like:

command! -range Ex !expand -t4

but that command just hangs, it seems that the range was not forwarded.

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Ranges are not forwarded automatically, you need to use <line1> and <line2> for that:

command! -range Ex <line1>,<line2>!expand -t4

You should read the manuals of :help :command about -range and <line1>. Basically:

  • if Ex is called with a range, <line1> and <line2> expand to that range

  • otherwise, the default value of range is used. Without any default specified, <line1> and <line2> both expand to the current line.

    You could also use: -range=% to act on the entire file by default.

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