I wanted to make a vim snippet in my vimrc, without using a plugin. I want it to appear automatically when I type Ctrl-N

iabbrev was good for short code addition, as mentioned in this post https://vim.fandom.com/wiki/Use_abbreviations_for_frequently-used_words

I did not understand the set complete += '/user/completion file'

I thought I would have a list of words in that file and vim adds it with Ctrl-N, but it did not work.

Can I get suggestion when I type Ctrl-N


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'complete' is not a list of files, but a list of flags that describe where to source completions from. Specifically, you want the k flag:

From :help 'complete'

k scan the files given with the 'dictionary' option

So, like the link you provided suggests, you'll want to add the k flag to 'complete' and then add your dictionary files to 'dictionary':

set complete+=k
set dictionary+=/path/to/dictionary

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