I'm trying to set up work completion with fzf.vim. Following the manual, I have:

inoremap <expr> <c-x><c-k> fzf#vim#complete#word({'window': { 'width': 0.2, 'height': 0.9, 'xoffset': 1 }})

However, this conflicts with a tmux setting I have which maps c-k to move up a pane. To work around it, I tried:

imap <expr> <leader>k fzf#vim#complete#word({'window': { 'width': 0.2, 'height': 0.9, 'xoffset': 1 }})
imap <leader>k <c-x><c-k>

But this is not triggering the fzf completion.

  • Either remove tmux global mapping of <C-k> or use another non-conflicting combination in vim.
    – Maxim Kim
    Aug 29, 2021 at 18:41

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you can execute command in insert like that <C-o>:echo "test"<cr> :

inoremap <leader>k <C-o>:fzf#vim#complete#word({'window': { 'width': 0.2, 'height': 0.9, 'xoffset': 1 }})<cr>

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