The searchcount() gives use something like:

{'exact_match': 1, 'current' : 1, 'incomplete': 0, 'maxcount': 99, 'total': 5}

It is a dictionary, I am trying to do something based on the help:

    local result = vim.fn.searchcount(#{recompute = 1})

It gives: E5113: Error while calling lua chunk: Vim:E715: Dictionary needed

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In Lua, the # operator will return the length of a Lua table, the index of the largest element. In this case, {recompute = 1} doesn't have numbered elements, so #{recompute = 1} actually returns 0. (In any case, it will always return an integer number.) You might be mixing up Lua syntax with Vimscript syntax here, since #{...} is valid Vimscript syntax to define a Dictionary.

Just dropping the # should make your example work here.

local result = vim.fn.searchcount({recompute = 1})

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