Is there a way to shorten the displayed name of the buffer, for example, on the image, path(...)/application_controller.rb to simply "application_controller.rb"? If I have many buffers with such long names, things get messy.

My buffer menu :

set wildmenu  

set wildmode=longest:full,full  

set wildcharm='<'C-Y>  

nnoremap '<'F3> :b '<'C-Y><right>  


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If all you want to do is shorten the filename shown on the status line, search statusline or stl in your vimrc, and replace %f with %t. See :help statusline for details.


As the path that is shown in the statusline by default is relative to the current working directory, you could shorten it by :cd'ing to a "closer" subdirectory, or the file's directory itself (:cd %:p:h). With :set autochdir, this will be done automatically whenever you switch buffers.

Of course, this is a more invasive change than simply changing the 'statusline' display itself.

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