I want Vim to highlight tags (#tag) in my Markdown files.

I extended the default highlighting by creating ~/.vim/after/syntax/markdown.vim with the following content:

syn match mdTag '#\w\+'
hi link mdTag htmlTagName

This works as expected: tags are now highlighted as the htmlTagName style specifies. However, if the link appears in the end of a title, it is just highlighted as the title and not as a tag.

So Foo bar #tag works well, but # Chapter 2 #tag does not.

Is there a way to give the tag highlight rule a higher priority over the heading highlight rule?

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Assuming you're using the default syntax rules for Markdown bundled with Vim, the reason why your mdTag rule is not matching inside a heading is that the existing heading rules (markdownH1, markdownH2, etc.) use a contains= attribute to specify which other rules can match inside the headings.

It turns out all those heading rules include a cluster @markdownInline in their contains=, which makes it easy to extend the list, since you can add to an existing cluster. You can add your mdTag to the list with:

syntax cluster markdownInline add=mdTag
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    You can also overrule the contains (effectively adding to it) with containedin
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Commented Aug 15, 2021 at 10:37

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