I am trying to configure coc.nvim for my vim 8.2. I mapped my formatting to leader-d with:

nnoremap <Leader>d :call CocAction('format') <CR>

which works fine for ruby filetype. However, when I load _spec.rb files, with ruby.rspec filetype, my diagnostics are not being shown and my format mapping returns:

Error on request (format): Format provider not found for buffer: ...

My coc-config.json:

  "codeLens.enable": true,
  "solargraph.useBundler": false,
  "solargraph.commandPath": "/Users/dontmatter/.rbenv/shims/solargraph",
  "solargraph.formatting": true,
  "solargraph.diagnostics": true,
  "solargraph.checkGemVersion": true

and I am using standardrb config for rubocop:

  - standard
  - rubocop-rspec

  # First check this: https://github.com/testdouble/standard#how-do-i-run-standard-in-my-editor
  # If your editor invokes 'rubocop' directly and knows nothing about 'standard' gem, 
  # it can be useful to inherit 'standard' set of rules
  standard: config/base.yml
# You can also override standardrb rules
  EnforcedStyle: double_quotes

# Or enable additional Cops
  Enabled: true

Is there a way to enable solargraph to run on ruby.rspec filetype?

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    Welcome to Vi and Vim! You might want to reach out to the coc.nvim maintainers/community as well. If you get an answer, be sure to post it in the answer section below!
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Aug 14, 2021 at 16:11

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The setting I was looking for is called coc_fileype_map(doc). To make solargraph lint and autofix rspec.ruby file types, the following setting had to be added to my vimrc:

let g:coc_filetype_map = {
  \ 'rspec.ruby': 'ruby',
  \ }

Unfortunately, I didn't help me because Solargraph would crash trying to parse RSpec DSL as Ruby. I ended up uninstalling rspec-vim and letting vim treat *_spec.rb files as "normal" ruby files.

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