Have installed MacVim using brew on an M1 (ARM) MacOs.

When trying to use python-mode extension the next error is shown:

[Pymode]: error: Pymode requires vim compiled with +python3 (exclusively). Most of features will be disabled.

Is it a preferred way to compile a custom MacVim to achieve that using Brew?

From current MacVim brew recipe:

    system "./configure", "--with-features=huge",

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Ok, here's what I can find:

So, double check the following:

:echo has('python3') : 'yes' : 'no'
:echo executable('python3') : 'yes' : 'no'

If both say yes, you should not see this warning.

If the former is no, you need to compile vim with python3 support.

If the latter, make sure you have python3 installed with a python3 program. (If your python3 is called python, you might get away with a wrapper script or symlink somewhere on your PATH with the right name. For example,

#! /bin/sh
# this file is `python3` somewhere on PATH
# assumes that the program `python` is actually a python3
exec python "$@"

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