I'm trying to use v:lua to call functions written in lua (actually it's fennel, which compiles to lua).

Now I have a function named lisp-style , then I can't directly use v:lua.lisp-style() because it's not a valid symbol in vim script.

Here's the specific situation:

_G["lisp-style"] = function() return "b" end
vim.api.nvim_set_keymap("n", "<leader>a", "v:lua.lisp-style()", {noremap=true, expr=true})

So, is there a better approach?

Thanks a lot!


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As an example,

function! LuaCall(...) abort
    return luaeval('_G[_A[1]](unpack(_A, 2))', a:000)

:echo LuaCall('lisp-style', 1, 2, 3)

But probably you should just create another variable with a more appropriate name:

:lua lisp_style = _G['lisp-style']
:echo v:lua.lisp_style()

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