I have a quickfix window that lists errors in my php file like

tests/phpunit/MyTest.php|425 error| unexpected 'return' (T_RETURN)

I used to be able to hit Enter and jump to the file and line, but now I just get an error:

E926: Current location list was changed

I'm on neovim 0.5.0.

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    :h E926 says If the current quickfix or location list was changed by an |autocommand| while processing a quickfix or location list command, it will be aborted. Does this help you diagnose the problem?
    – B Layer
    Jul 31 at 0:07
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    right. Well maybe. I use CoC and I think that may be creating the quickfix results so I'll go bark up that tree and report back! Thx Aug 1 at 10:34

I think this is a bug in the Syntastic plugin, which has not been updated since 2019.

I think it might be https://github.com/vim-syntastic/syntastic/issues/1127

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    I'm impressed with how polite you were towards that dude who posted a pretty snotty reply. ;)
    – B Layer
    Aug 5 at 20:09

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