I'm using Vimwiki at work to keep track of what I do during the day. So I have a Daily log similar to:

== 2021-07-29 ==

- Discuss [[JIRA-123]] with [[John Doe]]
- Code review /org/project/pull/123

== 2021-07-28 ==

- Survey about RTO
- Meeting with [[John Doe]] and [[Jane Doe]]

I'd like some method to auto-generate (something like :VimwikiDiaryGenerateLinks) pages for links like [[John Doe]], [[JIRA-123]], etc. with all the mentions from my daily log. Does something like that exist? The desired output would be something like:

= John Doe =

- 2021-07-29: Discuss [[JIRA-123]] with [[John Doe]]
- 2021-07-28: Meeting with [[John Doe]] and [[Jane Doe]]
  • A probably more vim-style approach would be to use vimgrep which fills the quickfix window to display and navigate your results. What you ask for could be done, although it'd require quite a bit of vimscript.
    – Biggybi
    Sep 18 at 4:31

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