In a traditional :python3 plugin, I can call print("msg") to echo a message.

In a remote plugin function, I expect that calling vim.async_call(print, "msg") would do the same thing, but it does not. To be more concrete, in the following example, :call EchoTest() echos, and :call PrintTest() does not:

import pynvim
from pynvim.api.nvim import Nvim

class MyPlugin(object):
    def __init__(self, vim: Nvim) -> None:
        self.vim = vim

    def echo_test(self, _):
        self.vim.command(f'echo "this will be echoed as expected"')

    def print_test(self, _):
        self.vim.async_call(print, "this will not be echoed")

I understand that Nvim.out_write is probably the preferred way to do this, but I think I may be misunderstanding what vim.async_call does, and I would appreciate some clarity.

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